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In Bass Coast - Canberra region you won’t find a better and more efficient spray painting company than Luminous Ace Painting and decorating. It is the newest, most efficient and intrepid company around town. We are the best and we know how to go about doing our job for our clients. You’d be surprised at the kind of jobs we tackle performing them with gusto and confidence. Our customers like the way we operate and satisfy their needs.

Specializing in airless finishing. Our hardworking team is comprised of skilled and experienced professional painters and project managers, including specialists with knowledge of highly technical painting materials and techniques.

We are the ultimate in versatility! One of our most prominent hallmarks is our aggressive versatility like when you’ve damaged your new bumper and you fell miserable. We will coax you not to just sit there and bite your nails because we can fix both minor and major bumper damage that includes cracks, tears, holes, scuffs and dents. We are always fair dinkum in our work doing the job honestly and efficiently with no tricks and schemes. We will search out the tinniest damage and fix it for you. Our versatility knows no bounds.

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