We are experienced & professional painters in Canberra, providing the best painting services across the Canberra.We are specialized in all types of interior and exterior painting services in the residential and commercial sectors.Our team inspect the job before and after to make sure the quality of the work is maintained. In case we find some dissatisfied work, our team members will rectify the issue immediately.We are fully licensed painting services.

Quality Assurance Systems –

assessment before, during and upon completion along with Follow up Warranties including that of Dulux & Rockcote


Delivering what we promise and conducting business honourably is our standard. Honest and open communication provides our clients with the integrity they expect from their painting contractor.


For 20 years we have provided residential and commercial painting services, painting the interior and exterior of thousands of homes and busiensses.  With our extensive history in the painting contracting business we know that to deliver this high quality painting experience for our clients we must:

” Understanding what our customers want in a painting contractor is the key to our success. We work hard to meet and exceed all of our customers needs in partnership with our industry leading paint manufacturers and franchisees.


As dedicated and experienced professional painters, keeping the painting process simple makes the painting process easy. Simple, clear processes are what make our system a success; we pride ourselves on being professional, providing timely appointments, open lines of communication, and prompt job starts and finishes. When it comes to painting, Luminous Ace-PAINTING SERVICES CANBERRA  follow four basic rules:

  • Everything that should be painted is painted
  • Anything that should not be painted will not have paint on it
  • All lines are straight and surfaces smooth
  • At the end of the job, we leave a clean site and a high quality paint job