How to Paint Your House Like a Professional Painting Contractor

How to Paint Your House Like a Professional Painting Contractor

Painting your house is a huge task if you are not planning on calling in residential painters. Home Painting involves taking a million micro decisions starting from which brush to choose to which room to paint first. Also, there is the preliminary prep that needs to be completed before you bring out the paint cans.

Making sure your furniture is wrapped and moved out of paint’s way is a task in itself. In case, you have resolved to not bring in the painting contractor Canberra, here’s a couple of handy tips to keep in mind which will help you get started with the paint job.

1. Clean and Scrape to Make Sure the Paint Holds

This is the largest preparatory step. It might seem daunting and deeply unsatisfying, but a good cleaning and scraping job will make your painting effort a true success.

 The exterior cleaning of a residential painting job is to be done in as much detail as possible. Remember, the paint will not stick to a dirty surface. Use pressure washing techniques to blow away the exterior scum and take your time chipping and flaking loose paint.

Any painting contractor worth his salt would tell you that this is the most important part of a residential painting project. Take your time to achieve perfection.

2. Decide on Latex Vs Oil-Based Paint

Paints are essentially chemicals. It is important to understand the nature of these chemicals before you embark upon your house-painting quest. Latex paints are more eco-friendly as they are mainly water-based paints.

However, if you have a lot of wooden furniture lying around, latex is not a good option as Latex based paints cause wood to swell. Oil-based paints, on the other hand, offers a smooth application on wall surfaces.

Oil-based paints have a strong fume and it is better to apply this type of paint in a properly ventilated area unless you want to get stuck with the smell of stale paint long after the paint job is complete. It is always better to check with a local painting contractor in Canberra before you invest in buying the paints.

3. Choose the Perfect Brush

If this is your first stint as a DIY residential painter, take time out to learn about brushes. Things to keep in mind while choosing your brush are – the brush’s bristles, the shape of the bristles’ tip, the right width and finally the choice between using a sponge roller and a basic paint brush. For instance, you can use a large flat brush to paint larger surface areas but you need a brush size smaller than 2 inches when you are painting the window. You can consult a local residential painter before purchasing your army of paint brushes.

4. Decide on Which Rooms to Paint First

This is a critical decision for a host of reasons. The choice is generally guided by your end-goal. For instance, if you want to put up your house on sale, you could start with the exterior facing rooms; your living room would be a great place to start. If you are painting for a makeover, it is better to start with the kitchen first. Once you have tackled the kitchen space, you need not live on takeaway food till the chaos of residential painting subsides.

5. Have the Furniture Tucked Out Of Dripping Paint’s Way

Had you asked for a painting contractor service, you would have noticed that the first thing the professional does is defend your existing furniture from paint drippings. This would include your comfy sofa, the television set and the chandelier hanging from the roof.

Make sure you have taped and covered every bit of furniture that can get in your way while you paint your home. The carpet is easily the easiest to fall in harm’s way and so are the wooden flooring. Make sure you tuck them all in before taking up the paint brush.

Getting a residential painting job done to perfection is deeply satisfying. However, it consumes gigantic amounts of your time and energy too as a price. If you find the range of the task overwhelming, feel free to dial up your local painting contractor in Canberra. This way, you get to enjoy a beautiful freshly painted home minus the hassles and headaches of having to do it yourself. Cheers to that!

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