Summer Room Décor Ideas Decoded by the Residential Painters Canberra

Summer Room Décor Ideas Decoded by the Residential Painters Canberra

There is no denying to the fact that summers are getting more hot and humid with each passing year. It has reached a point where Air Condition or Air Coolers have become the need of the hour for every millennial. Apart from installing an Air Condition or getting your hands on a high-brand cooler, you can count on many tricks to beat the heat. You may begin this with bringing just a little bit of tweaks in your home décor. No, we are not asking you to cost a bomb to change the whole décor of your abode! We are just asking you to bring a little few tweaking at your habitat to create a soothing ambience at your home sweet home when the world outside will be dealing with the scorching heat of summer. This blog is brought to you by the residential painters Canberra, who have worked hard to dig out some easy yet effective home décor tricks to beautify your abode in summer. Take a look –

Add a Soothing Wallpaper –

No matter how stunning the wall paint of your abode looks, you must let your experiment-enthusiast mind spell some magic more often. If you feel that the colors of your walls are a bit too stark for the summer, you may hide them behind the beautiful camouflage of wallpapers. Since their inception, the wallpapers have created quite a buzz amongst the home decorators. Wallpapers are available in different color, prints, and quality. You may pick one as per your own preference and budget. If you cannot make the right decision in this regard, you may take help of the industrial painters Canberra.

Toy with the Soothing Colors –

It is that time of the year when the mellow Sun will shine brighter than ever! Midst an unimaginably scorching heat, it’s recommended that you should pick soft and soothing colors for filling joy at every corner of your house. The color of your bed-sheet has to be soothing, the curtains should be peppy yet subtle, and those pillow covers should be steeped in the soft color palettes. This way you will create a sense of freshness at your cozy abode.

Decorate with Green Plants –

This summer, create your own soul-soothing oasis at your abode with a variety of green plants. Indoor plants are easy to maintain. Most of them just require the minimum care to survive in the long run. If you are looking to perk up an otherwise dull corner of your house, you may deck that up with different indoor plants. Instead of using the regular planter pots, you may opt for the painted pots to keep your plants,. You may ask a professional painting contractor Canberra to color your old planter pots as well. This will be a very cost-effective yet a result-driven way to spruce up your home décor.

Play with Travel Shots –

Deck up the walls with the travel shots of different places, and this will enliven even the dullest corner of your house in an instant. This summer decorating trick will save you money on art and offer you a great talking point at parties. Plus, the memories will cure your wanderlust as you start planning your next summer vacation.

Add Summery Fragrances –

For a continuous seasonal aesthetic in your abode, ensure that you switch out fragrances as the seasons change. Gingerbread, ocean breeze, cucumber-melon, lemon-grass, etc. are some of the best summer fragrances, which you may fill out your rooms with.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these cool ideas to beat the summer blues like a pro.

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